Get readyProviding quality insect protein
to feed the world

Experts in insect production

Insect protein is the future
and the future is today

We are experts in producing black soldier fly larvae anywhere in the world with affordable, automated and portable solutions

We provide
knowledge and tools

We have our own research facilities to constantly develop the production processes
Cloud platform
Automated production via cloud platform
Energy efficient
Our production processes allow energy efficient solutions to even remote locations
Our processes allow completely automated solutions that anyone can supervise
Our solutions work anywhere in the world
Cost efficient
Start production with very little investment
Leading innovations in your hands

Who we work with

We work with multiple international companies to provide knowledge and tools to produce insect protein

What we stand for?

Provide high quality and easily producible protein to the world
Local and efficient food production 20 time more efficiently
Bringing together world class knowledge on biology, genetics and tech

This is who we are

Science based team that has experience in business

CEOJuuso Nissilä

Neurobiology, Serial Entrepreneur

Technical LeadJoseph Gordon

Frontend LeadRebecca Wilson

FinanceJakob Bosch

HRMichelle Burton

Who we are

World class scientific team with business background

CSO, FounderDr. Ari Riihimaa

PhD/Genetics, Entology

Networking LeadDerek Nielsen

Design LeadDeborah Stacey

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