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Disruptive Technology for Protein Production

Insect protein is the future
and the future is today

Entoprot is an university based start-up developing insect rearing technology, ie. the ”hardware” or devices
and the bioprosess where microbes play an essential role turning plant material to protein.

We provide
world-class larvae production method

We have fully automated, highly effective farming device and optimized bioprocess for larvae production.
Our farming device is highly automated in order to minimize the need of extra labor and ensure high quality end product.
Cost efficient
Factories deploying our technology are cost efficient due to following specific features: Automated production process, advanced bio-process and the possibility to use low cost feed.
The blue print for our farming device is something completely new and innovative. The bio-process related to larvae production is a result of two decades scientific research work.
Our advanced bio-process together with the specific farming device enable the utilization of the full potential of the species.

Who we work with

We work with multiple international companies to provide knowledge and tools to produce insect protein

What we stand for?

To invent, develop and market devices and technologies that support sustainable economy by introducing a novel source of high quality proteins for feed and food.
Insects will be the best new source of protein. We at Entoprot aim to give insects back their natural place in the food chain.
Strategic goal
Entoprot will be a leading global provider of technology for the rapidly growing insect industry. We will bring a fully automated, highly effective device and an equally effective bioprocess to the insect meal market.

Who we are

World class scientific team with business background

This is who we are

Science based team that has experience in business

CEO, FounderAri Riihimaa

PhD/ Genetics, Entology

ResearcherPäivi Forsman

PhD/ Biology, Genetics

CTOKauko Turpeinen

BSc/ ICT, Automation & Robotics

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