Automated insect bioreactor prototype – full capacity test

We have improved the functionality of our insect bioreactor internal structures and tested the prerequisites for efficient larvae rearing process. We performed the first full capacity test by inoculating 1.1 Million black soldier fly larvae into our automated bioreactor system. The results were very encouraging. Although we worked “on the safe side” and used fairly low rearing temperature and not-too-frequent feeding, we could reach  270 kg per cubic meter (45 % of inner space filled with larvae) harvest. With slight modifications in the bioprocess and some tech improvements, we expect to reach higher harvest values in near future, i.e. fill volume of 70 – 75 percent of the inner space.

We will soon set up and test our first industrial bioreactor version. Fill volume at the end of rearing is expected to be 70 to 75 % of the reactor space.

The following video clip shows the highlights of the work which we did with our endearing “Old Faithfull” prototype.

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