Entoprot Products

Entoprot Products

Bioreactor  rearing  applies minilarvae (newly hatched larvae cultivated for 2 to 5 days,  average weight 7 mg) as starting material. One cubic meter of reactor space requires about two million larvae. During the development of the bioreactor we soon realized that very efficient systems were needed also for breeding, egg production,  pre-cultivation of neonates and storage of larval material. We have developed several methods and tools that make mass production of BSF larvae very easy, affordable and efficient.


The art of breeding: how to maximize fertility, egg production and viability

These is a lot of confusing and controversial information available about the egg-laying ability of female BSF. Values vary between 200 and 1000 eggs, nowadays 500 eggs per female is most commonly presented. Some earlier publications claim that adult flies don’t drink or eat. This is not true. Many specialists  have realized that if  nutrients (liquid feed) are provided, females can maintain their egg-laying capacity for a long time (more than week), allowing them to produce roughly 150 eggs per day, or up to 1000 eggs during in their lifetime.  Entoprot has developed its own “feed nectar”, which contains all the required nutrients. High egg production is not enough in itself, because the amount of non-fertile eggs can be high if the biological prerequisites for successful reproduction (mating) are not known. Additionally suboptimal storage and transport conditions can kill the eggs. Damp conditions can suffocate eggs and promote the growth of spoilage microbes that kill the eggs. Companies which sell BSF eggs are aware of these challenges and usually ship twice the quantity ordered.  Losses up to 50% are not uncommon. Entoprot offers solutions to these challenges.

A typical system for egg production is a simple cage in which prepupae (pupae ready to eclose) are placed and allowed to develop to adult flies, males and females. These are allowed to mate, after which the gravid females will lay the eggs. This sounds very simple and straightforward, but is far from it. Flies do not take orders from company staff and are sometimes reluctant to mate or lay eggs. When they lay eggs they may choose to do so in the wrong places.

Entoprot has taken these problems to account and developed several products that can make your work more efficient.


FlyCage Set

A semiautomated continuous system for the production of BSF eggs and mini larvae. Max. productivity is estimated to at 27 g eggs per day. The system consists of three breeding cages and one hatching cage. Micro-computer-based web-connected automation turns  lights on and off and regulates the temperature and humidity. Pre-pupae are put in every second day, laid eggs are collected 3 times a week. The maintenance workload is very low because the removal of dead flies, feeding and application of attractant to egg collection point is automated. Feeding ensures that the flies maintain their viability and fertility. FlyCage has several operational compartments: bedroom, living areas, rest room, dining room – each serves the biological needs of the fly population. FlyCage Set includes a hatching chamber where the eggs can be incubated to neonatae.

Status: has been on the market since April 2022


Automated Insect Bioreactor, reactor volume 1.9 m3, length 2.4 m, height 1.5 m.

Status: On market Q1/2024

Power Drink:

Feed nectar which maintains the fertility of adult flies, enhances the egg production capacity. Delivery is automated in FlyCages

Status: On market Nov 2023

Baby Food (Baby Booster).

Optimized medium for newborns (newly hatched larvae) and mini-larvae. Low fermentable sugar content, high protein content, airy and moisture-retaining composition. Minimizes the growth of spoilage bacteria and significantly reduced the mortality of young larvae. Minilarvae can be grown in a 7 cm layer so that the production per rearing box is high. Saves labour costs.

Status: Ready for the market


Attractant which boosts egg laying. Delivery is automated in FlyCage Set.

Status: Ready for the market