Entoprot Insect Bioreactor Capacity Test, April 2020

We prepared a summary about the key results of the test run in April 2020. In our opinion the benchmark values are impressing. Yet, we can surely improve all of them in the near future by applying automation. Keep in touch and follow our progress!

One response to “Entoprot Insect Bioreactor Capacity Test, April 2020”

  1. I just came across your company as a result of my very strong interest in Black Soldier Fly. I am supporting initiatives being led by the Zimbabwe Women’s Microfinance Bank which is helping raise the living standards of up to 200,000 women and youth smallholders and I believe BSF will be playing an important role at some point in the future as ZWMB’s programmes also include poultry, pigs, goats and cattle.

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