EIT Food Selected Entoprot for the Food Accelerator Network 2020 Program

Entoprot was among the 10 companies selected out of 81 applicants to the EIT Nordic hub (Helsinki, Finland). There are six hubs in Europe, and the total number of companies in the EIT FAN program is 60. The accelerator program entitles Entoprot to extensive business training and mentoring. It provides excellent visibility and extraordinary good networking with other companies, research entities and investors.

What does this mean?
EIT Food trusts that Entoprot’s insect rearing technology has potential to revolutionize animal protein production.

EIT Food is a European Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), which was set up to transform our food ecosystem. EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted



One response to “EIT Food Selected Entoprot for the Food Accelerator Network 2020 Program”

  1. This is very interesting, and i am admittedly very naive about insect protein as it relates to human consumption in the more commercialized countries such as the US. I understand the process, the speed at which development is complete and the density of the protein in insects. One question about the protein is it a complete protein chain, ie one that would closely resemble that of say chicken or beef. I can with out a doubt see this as fantastic pet, or livestock feed…but for humans? are there processes that can transform the insect larva into a powder form or somehow shape a “mash” if you will to more closely resemble “not an insect” lol. And lastly how does it cook? meaning does it need to be eaten raw or can heat be applied? id guess a dried larva would taste much like a cricket, salty and pretty tame. Im not sure i posted these questions in the right area, but im very interested as this appears to be the “greenist” method of protein as food. (also, im semi adventurous eater, but there is no way i could just eat a plate full of those larva, matter of fact im kinda gaggy thinking about it..why I ask about “look-a-like” options. Thank you blogger!

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