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  • Piloting EntoReactor2CM

  • Led Finland Ltd provides lighting technology for BSF breeding

    Led Finland Ltd provides lighting technology for BSF breeding     Entoprot collaborates with Led Finland Ltd for development and marketing lamps suitable for breeding black soldier flies. Led Finland Ltd has a long experience in manufacturing energy-efficient LED technology-based lighting for commercial greenhouses and households. Led Finland is one of the first R&D development […]

  • Entoprot Launches a Feed Testing Service

    EntoTest: Entoprot’s Feed Testing Service The insect bioreactor technology enables both monitoring and control of the bioprocess precisely in real time at an affordable price. Due to the mixing, the conditions inside the bioreactor are homogeneous. Therefore, measurements of temperature, humidity, pH or the concentration of  gases can be performed with a small number of […]

  • Automated insect bioreactor prototype – full capacity test

    We have improved the functionality of our insect bioreactor internal structures and tested the prerequisites for efficient larvae rearing process. We performed the first full capacity test by inoculating 1.1 Million black soldier fly larvae into our automated bioreactor system. The results were very encouraging. Although we worked “on the safe side” and used fairly […]

  • EIT Food Selected Entoprot for the Food Accelerator Network 2020 Program

    Entoprot was among the 10 companies selected out of 81 applicants to the EIT Nordic hub (Helsinki, Finland). There are six hubs in Europe, and the total number of companies in the EIT FAN program is 60. The accelerator program entitles Entoprot to extensive business training and mentoring. It provides excellent visibility and extraordinary good […]

  • Entoprot Insect Bioreactor Capacity Test, April 2020

    We prepared a summary about the key results of the test run in April 2020. In our opinion the benchmark values are impressing. Yet, we can surely improve all of them in the near future by applying automation. Keep in touch and follow our progress!

  • Results of the insect bioreactor test run will be soon released

    We have recently made several improvements to the bioreactor technology. We have also succeeded to increase significantly the dry matter content of the feed, developed a reliable and economical feeding system, and obtained valuable information on how the larvae should be fed. This month we completed the first feasibility and capacity test with this improved […]

  • Good reasons to start insect protein production

  • A New Page: Literature and Useful Links

    Insect rearing is a combination of art and science. To become a master in this area information must be searched from various sources and applied in a creative manner. Like all workmanship, insect rearing involves a lot of silent knowledge and in-house information. Entoprot’s however wants to provide standardized conditions for BSFL rearing. We want […]

  • Video: Dr. Ari Riihimaa explains how to prepare dog treats from insect larvae

    This is an edited excerpt with English subtitles. The original video… published at “Akraamo” Youtube channel is in Finnish and streamed from the symposium “Hyönteisten mahdollisuudet tuotanto- ja lemmikkieläinten rehuna” (Insects as feed for production animals and pets) by Pasi Tyybäkinoja and Jori Löytynoja Nov 27th 2019.